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Free Essay: Mid-life Crisis 1 Mid-life transition can be seen as a difficult process because it is the point of our lives where we start to accept the end of.
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With philosophical exactitude, Setiya explains the flaws in this kind of thinking. Suppose, he writes, that you can have just one of three desirable things—A, B, or C, in order of preference. Even so, the satisfaction offered by choice has a limit. He urges the middle-aged to think in detail about what the alternative realities they contemplate would actually entail. Had you chosen a different career, your children might not exist.

Become a musician or an engineer? Someone with a darker sensibility might have put it differently: there is no escaping loss, no matter how rich your life is. To many people, the increasing proximity of death is the worst thing about middle age.

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Instead, what really unnerves him is midlife ennui—the creeping sense of aimlessness and exhaustion that sometimes overtakes people as they age. In an effort to evade this conundrum, Setiya brings out the philosophical heavy artillery. Building yourself a house is an incomplete activity, because its end goal—living in the finished house—is not something you can experience while you are building it.

Building a house and living in it are fundamentally different things. By contrast, taking a walk in the woods is a complete activity: by walking, you are doing the very thing you wish to do. The secret to avoiding Schopenhauerian ennui, Setiya argues, is either to do things that are complete and atelic or to find ways of engaging with your projects atelically.

Crisis of Midlife: Free General Research Paper Sample

Certain middle-aged habits—golf, yoga, gardening—can help to create an atelic mind-set. A little. One might wonder if all that philosophy was really necessary. Setiya has the whole history of thought at his disposal. Adapting the work of Derek Parfit, he could have argued that selves are less real than we think, and that midlife crises are, therefore, about nothing.

The five boroughs contain more than six thousand miles of streets.

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William Helmreich and Matt Green plan to walk each one. Others will go to the extreme of getting plastic surgery to conceal their true age. During this time, some families may break-up or strengthen their relationship during this stage of life, more so, when they ignore the change that takes place. To most people, this stage forms the defining moment between the ideal and the reality. People are able to recognize how much they have achieved as well as what they anticipate to achieve.

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  • It is however important to note that midlife development is the life's defining moment which calls for understanding of changes associated with it and how well one can cope with the challenges. It is important to appreciate all stages in life and be ready to deal with challenges of every stage.

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    Society should also appreciate diverse stages in life and advocate educating people on how to accommodate each stage of human growth and development. I find midlife crisis interesting as I am in that category, starting completely over with a move and nursing school. I took a look at my life and decided I needed to do something that could help me retire when the time came.

    In my own personal life, I see this time as strengthening our relationship but I also know many women whose husbands have left them, and left them with nothing. That was one of my reasons for going back to school, because I needed to have my own stable job and security. I don't see this as a hormonal This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more.

    Iliad by Homer

    Midlife Crisis Essay words - 3 pages. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. Analysys of The Mid-Life Crisis of Walmart words - 4 pages A Midlife crisis is a term coined in by Elliott Jaques, stating a time where adults come to realize their own mortality and how much time is left in their life Lavietes, Similarly to an individual experiencing a midlife crisis, Wal-Mart, in its fourth decade of existence, has hit that transitional period.

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    After excellent growth, the company has become stagnant and shows signs of wear. Wal-Mart must take this period of crisis. Psychological illnesses or depressions are factors that have distracted Neddy and it is not possible for him to separate his memories and the realities that are surrounding him Duffy The midlife crises being discusses are.

    How does our understanding of the life course differ from that of earlier historical periods? But it is reasonable to assume that a time that is fiery for some is at least smoky for others" 4. Coined in the 60's by the Canadian. Most people would go in to fight or flight mode, but instead, this wife chose to take in his words that came flying at her like a kick in the stomach. She listened, came to a calm, rational decision, which she felt was best for her family.

    The Philosophy of the Midlife Crisis

    Lifespan Development and Personality Paper words - 6 pages reappraise and transform their lives and affiliations. Many people may feel invigorated and liberated and see midlife as an opportunity for personal development, but others may feel upset and have a "midlife crisis. The contrast between youth and middle age may be especially upsetting for men who matured.

    Middle Adulthood Interview words - 4 pages forties, wakeful periods are more frequent and there is less of the deepest type of sleep Santrock, , p. The area of greatest disagreement was the area of midlife crisis. This is particularly interesting because the female responded. HBSE final words - 9 pages childhood, she had to grow up faster than her peers, as her innocence was taken from her. Lachman describes this period like being in the middle of school or a book, when one looks back to see what has occurred to see how to invest the following time.

    It is a time to focus on what remains to be done.

    The Mid-life Crisis Essay

    Sometimes this is done by a wake-up call Lachman, , one that may provide a turning point, such as a midlife crisis. Male Menopause: Fact or Fiction? However, they mean completely different things. Andropause male menopause occurs due the declining in androgen in some men at mid points in their lives. Men usually experience a midlife crisis as a result of the change, because they do not know how to deal with their lessening hormones.